Too Positive

90.00$ 100.00$

The Too Positive is a stereo overdrive pedal. By using 2 independent drive circuits, it is able to process stereo signals and allows different settings for each channel.

It can also be used as a two channel drive for mono signals, a splitter, or a summer due to its flexible signal routing capabilities.

The effect can range from colored boost up to a hot overdriven sound. The tone switch adds a mid scoop or high pass filter to give two distinct voicings to the drive. The effect is great for adding some dirt to guitar, synths and drum machines alike.

The footswitches can be set to act in a few different ways giving you maximum flexibility in how to use the effect. Both channels can be set to switch in sync or each channel can be toggled independently. The two channels can also be set such that the footswitches alternate which drive circuit is used, emulating a two channel setup on a mono signal.

Too Positive accepts 1/4″ TS and TRS plugs for input and output signals.

It requires a 9V DC power supply and consumes 80mA of current. Check out the manualĀ  and companion videos for more information on the pedal and its capabilities.

Blem units are new pedals with some sort of cosmetic defect. Such defects may include: small scratches on the surface/paint, defects in the silk screen/minor engraving issues, and/or outdated backplates. The defects are typically minor but you can see some sample defects in the gallery linked here.

Blem units have the same warranty as standard/mint units, however they cannot be returned for cosmetic reasons.