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Uppers is a vintage style octave up fuzz with a modern eq, and soft foot switches (true bypass via relay).

The octave effect is achieved by folding the amplitude of the instrument signal which results in a blend of octave up harmonics mixed with a ring mod like character.

Check out the videos and sound clips, as well as the manual here.

Pedal consumes 30mA of current and requires a 9V DC supply.

(This pedal is mono. although it stylistically is similar to the “Too Positive” which is stereo, the “Uppers” pedal is mono only.)

Blem units are new pedals with some sort of cosmetic defect. Such defects may include: small scratches on the surface/paint, defects in the silk screen/minor engraving issues, and/or outdated backplates. The defects are typically minor but you can see some sample defects in the gallery linked here.

Blem units have the same warranty as standard/mint units, however they cannot be returned for cosmetic reasons.

Uppers on guitar with no octave effect.


Similar riff with octave activated.


Similar riff but much ruder intervals causing octave effect to produce ring mod like sounds.


Bass guitar through fuzz, no octave


Bass guitar again but with octave.


A longer composition with uppers in different settings on various instruments.