Your and You’re/Ça pis Sa

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Your and You’re is an over the top synthy fuzz inspired by circuits like the “crash sync” circuit by John Hollis, but rebuilt from the ground up to more easily accept CV or expression pedal. The pedals unique sound is generated by hard syncing an oscillator to the output of a fuzz circuit, and then mixing both outputs together. The result is a rather gated square wave sound with a sort of filter sweep sound when the frequency of the oscillator is adjusted with the tone knob or an expression pedal (or 0-5V control voltage).

We have made some units whose interface has been translated to a French version of the pedal named “ça pis sa”. While this is not a literal translation of “your and you’re” it is thematically similar in that ça and sa are indistinguishable to the ear when spoken. The VOL knob is also labelled SON, and the TONE knob is changed to TON. Otherwise it is the same pedal, the difference is only aesthetic.

You can use the above drop down menus to pick which version of the pedal you want as well as which color for the base paint and knobs (options not shown are not available or sold out).

More info about the pedal can be found here.

This pedal requires less than 30mA at 9V DC and uses the typical 2.1mm negative tip power connector. This pedal is true bypass.

Blems are 100% functional but may have minor issues with the paint finish or the engraving.