We received between almost 1000 entries, and finally here are the winners.


To determine the winning entries, first the field was narrowed to 25 entries by selecting of our favorites. After this we used a random number generator to chose the 8 winners from the pool of 25.

On top of the 3 prizes already announced, we have also decided to give out 5 $100 coupon codes for the web store.

The winning entries are listed below, you can click on the text to be linked to that entry on the main haiku experience site. Winners will be contacted directly to arrange prize delivery.


$100 score credit winners:

My last proposal
was rescheduled because
it was pitch shifting

“Sinusoidal wave…”
“Babe, let me stop you right there-
those are not real words.”

1 day I went 2
3 music/ stores 4 the best
But no Count to 5

The green light goes on
beep beep boop boop beep boop beep
how did I get here?

I gaze at shoes whilst,
patterns fly out the window,
into spring, then space.


Count to 5 pedal winners:

Digitech Whammy
Your capable pitch shifting
but you are too big

The sound is not quite
Three hundred dollars sweeter
…But it sure looks nice


 Grand prize! Pedal Crush book and Count to 5 pedal

Alone on my porch
speakers facing the forest
making bird noises