Count to 5


The Count to 5 is a unique take on a compact delay/sampler pedal. It has 3 main modes which allow pitch delays, random sampling and layered looping. To get an idea of the patches take a look through the current manual and also some of the videos here, as well as the count to five megathread on ilovefuzz. Aaron Rusch also made a thorough three part deep dive to help everyone understand each of the modes.



The current stock includes mostly refurbished units. There are some blue models which are a slightly darker blue color (see first picture in gallery). There are also several of the green 5th anniversary cases we did with various shapes on them. In the gallery you will see the photos of these have a letter on them. To select which one you will receive you can pick the corresponding “Finish” from the drop down menu above. the green 5th anniversary units ship with the Nightly firmware installed. If you want them with the classic firmware please leave a note with your order at checkout. 

The refurbished units are all new electronics inside with the latest pcb revisions etc. 


This pedal requires 100 mA at 9VDC with the typical 2.1mm negative tip power supply connector. This pedal is true bypass.

Blem units are new pedals with some sort of cosmetic defect. Such defects may include: small scratches on the surface/paint, defects in the silk screen/minor engraving issues, and/or outdated backplates. The defects are typically minor but you can see some sample defects in the gallery linked here.

Blem units have the same warranty as standard/mint units, however they cannot be returned for cosmetic reasons.