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Your and You’re is an over the top synthy fuzz inspired by circuits like the “crash sync” circuit by John Hollis, but rebuilt from the ground up to more easily accept CV or expression pedal. The pedal is essentially a square wave fuzz. This fuzzy signal gates an oscillator whose tuning is controlled with the tone knob (or the expression input).

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This pedal requires less than 50mA at 9V DC and uses the typical 2.1mm negative tip power connector.  This pedal is true bypass.


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Pink, Green, Blem

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white, green, blue, yellow

3 reviews for Your and You’re

  1. Evan Meyers

    This pedal is a’ight…

    …and then you plug in an expression pedal

    …then it becomes the only pedal you’ll ever need. Game over.

  2. Adam Prins (verified owner)

    This pedal loves to sing and who am I to say that it shouldn’t.

    Goes from crackling embers to scorching fire tornado.

    Muito Bom!

  3. Aaron

    This thing sounds over-the-top and disgusting and I cannot get enough.

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