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To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Count to 5 release we have made some limited edition units with funny shapes on them instead of the usual text. We also released an alternate firmware called “nightly” which ships on these units.  You can read about the  nightly firmware and hear some clips  on this page. These units also support the regular firmware which you can download and install if you prefer (using Windows, OS X or Linux).  To get an idea of the patches for the original firmware you can take a look through the regular  manual and also some of the videos here, as well as the count to five megathread on ilovefuzz.

There are currently 8 variants available, if you look through the image gallery for this item you can see all of them (A-H). Simply select the variant you want from the drop down and checkout. They are all the same color, but there may be some variance in the photos caused by some variants being shot at a different time. If you would like the a “regular” count to 5 unit, checkout the other item in our store.

This pedal requires 130mA at 9VDC with the typical 2.1mm negative tip power supply connector. This pedal is true bypass.

Regarding the Black  Friday 2020 blems: the defects are mild and cosmetic only. The “shape” on the backplate may also not match the shape on the front.  For example a circle based pattern may ship with a backplate that has a square on it etc (the color will match, green)


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B Blem, C Blem, D Blem, G Blem, H Blem


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